WHO would have thought a chance night out would lead to this.

Here we are a year on, with the man himself who brought ON3 co-founders together.

We debut with Jerome Farah’s ‘Mikey Might’, pouring his soul out at Brunswick’s RAY cafe.

A joint hit up for years by Jerome, our crew met here often to catch-up and collab, quickly becoming our go-to-spot. Impacted severely by Covid-19, it was a no-brainer that our first production would include the venue, supporting our local fam.

"Way too white to be a black kid, right? / Not enough to live that white kid life / Am I ever gonna quite feel right?"

A moving performance as Jerome intimately reflects upon the struggle of identity, in a society inherently prejudiced by their flawed fear of multiculturalism.



2020 was a weird year for everyone, but that didn’t stop JAYDEAN from blessing us with his sweet catchy melodies of ‘Sugar’. We were lucky enough to finish the year and bring together this funky, up-tempo number into an equally funky space, Project 281 Brunswick and showcase both elements in a way they haven’t before.

Following on from Jerome Farah’s “Mikey Might” at Ray’s Cafe; ON3 Studios want to bring together local musicians and venues in crossovers that may once have seen another world away. With such a creative culture intwined within both industries; it was a no-brainer to bring two more much loved local favourites together.

‘Hey Sugar / Just wonderin’ if you’re free tonight sugar / an if you are lets grab a bite sugar / we’ll hit the town just you and I sugar’.

A pop-y, RNB fuelled, disco performance by JAYDEAN and his band, highlights the fun and eccentric culture that shapes and fuels Project 281 and the streets of Brunswick.