Our Roster.

The core of ON3, these are our current roster of artists. With management and A&R as our specialty be sure to keep up to date with the latest from our artists.

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South African born, Melbourne based vocalist and rapper Voldy has come onto the scene with a mission. Ready to build up the community and bring his bigger vision for Melbourne’s music scene as a whole to a bustling reality. He is a non-traditional rapper, singer, songwriter with heartfelt lyrics and a vocal style which highlight his down to earth perspective; he is ready to make a mark cementing himself as a genuine artist showcasing his quintessential come-up story. 


Voldy’s happy medium switches between melodic rapping and expressive singing which together highlight his versatile ability to utilise his voice to bring balance to his introspective and socially conscious music. His delivery flows between assertive but confident rapping and smooth soulful singing with undertones of his gospel influence. Voldy’s smooth flowing bars compliment the eclectic collection of African inspired hip-hop beats he assists in producing.  


After spending his childhood playing piano in his church choir, music has always held a strong place in his life. Growing up with his older brother listening to rap music, Voldy deep-dived on an adventure of discovery, becoming increasingly observant of their work along the way. His admiration for artists such as J.Cole, Bas, SIR has helped develop his own art, drawing influence from all walks of the music industry, showing no signs of slowing down. 


After moving to Australia as a young adult Voldy has been using his music to beautifully deep dive into social issues. He uses his art to bring awareness about the struggle of assimilating to a western culture and the pain that arises with moving countries at such a volatile age; he does all of this whilst maintaining an up-beat tempo and all vibes a Goldlink track, ensure anyone in the area is bopping along. 

“Burn City” sees Voldy’s first release with ON3 Studios.

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MIZUKI is bursting onto the music scene with a strong sense of self; leading to a colourful, genuine and fiercely independent sound. Born and raised in Sydney to Japanese parents, MIZUKI is influenced by both cultures which have helped guide her and shape her into the witty, playful artist that she is today. The Melbourne based songstress is quickly going to become someone to watch out for; with her insightful lyrics and a powerful vocal range to perfectly encapsulate almost any feeling whilst offering comfort to her listeners. 


MIZUKI’s mellow yet ambient musical taste and creations started at a young age. Growing up partaking in the Brazilian martial art and dance form of Capoeira, her love for the music and sounds of other cultures is evident in the continuing growth found in the music she creates today. Her indie-pop, pop-y sounds match her soulful and endearing voice which is ensuring she is set to be one of Australia’s next brightest pop prospects that we will be hearing for years to come. 


Her first release “Over the Sun” provided the perfect introduction to her talent; showcasing the raw, vintage yet soulful sound, similar to that of Vera Blue, Raveena and Alice Phoebe Lou. Despite the greater external forces of the world forcing a new and stage fashion for MIZUKI’s creative process, these practicalities now just seem like a side note. After finding new and innovative ways to continue to work with producers such as Isak Kotecki and Aman Bayatly (Co-Founder of ON3 Studio), her sound has seen continuous development and is an expansion into the sheer powerhouse that Mizuki is and is to become. 

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Artists We Work With.

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