About Us

Move As One.

'Creation Through Collaboration'

ON3 Studio is a music development and discovery collective based in Melbourne, Australia. 

We offer a range of music label and event services. 

Our aim is to elevate the work of both established and emerging local artists, presenting their art and stories to a global audience.

Embedded within the local scene, ON3 Studio’s purpose is to uplift and inspire others by sharing the lived experiences of our communities through sensory and artistic mediums.

Our Story

ON3 Studio is the result of two music forward individuals, passionate about progressing

their community and evolving the music industry that they create in. The birth of the

project came from the realisation that incubators for artists of diverse cultural

backgrounds, to create and collaborate, were so few and far between.

For founders Kish & Aman, pursuing the arts was never seen as a sustainable career path

amongst their families; this ignited the relentless drive to design a space where the two

could succeed in the world of music and creative design.

Together they are changing the narrative, acting as a voice for communities of colour,

offering hope and support to like-minded individuals pursuing their passions.

‘We have been brought together through our deep-driven passion for music discovery

and share the one common goal - to foster the growth of our rich-diverse community.’

As the ON3 community has grown and evolved so has the team. Kish & Aman have built a

team of like-minded and as equally passionate individuals that work together as a family

to create leading opportunities and experiences, not only for the artists on the ON3 roster

but the community as a whole.

The Team


Co-Founder // Head of Culture

Kishnel Chand

Aman Bayatly

Co-Founder // Head of Sound

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.20.35 pm.png

Abraham Swaray


Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.20.05 pm.png

Deniz De La Vega

Event Logistics & Co-ordinator

Phillip Vo

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.20.28 pm.png

Project & Strategy Manager

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 3.20.20 pm.png

Graphic Designer

Rochelle Dialla